Eco Pak Home Care Kit Small
Eco Pak Home Care Kit Small Eco Pak Home Care Kit Small

Eco Pak Home Care Kit Small

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Price: 48,00 Lt

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Eco Pak Home Care Kit Small

This Small Eco Pack Homecare Cleaning Kit will clean your household surfaces safely and protect your family's health without exposure to toxic fumes associated with traditional cleaners.


1 - 1L Bio-Kleen Multi-Surface Cleaner/Sanitizer Concentrate
1 - 750ml Spray Bottle
3 - Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
1 - Microfiber Shining Cloth
2 - Microcleaning Hand Pads

** 1Ltr Bio-Kleen Multi-Surface Cleaner/Sanitizer Concentrate produces 14 x 750ml ready to use Spray Bottles

With this safe cleaning pack, you need never again have to buy glass/mirror cleaners,furniture polish, stainless steel polish, cream cleaners, cleaning wipes.

Traditional 750ml Spray Bottle of Multi Surface Cleaner from the Retail shelf costs €3.50 approx.

14x€3.50 = €49.00 and they are not Eco Friendly.

With Our Eco Pak you will recieve -

  • 1 Ltr Bottle of Bio Kleen Multi Surface Cleaner/Sanitizer Concentrate
  • 750ml Ready to use Trigger Spray Bottle
  • 3 x High Performance Terry MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x High Quality Microfiber Shining Cloths
  • 2 x Magic Cleaning Sponges

All for an astonishing €48.00 including delivery!!!