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Benefits of JSK Products

In the past, if the tiles in your buildings front foyer got grimy, your janitor would pour some ammonia or bleach in a bucket, grab the nearest mop and get down to business. If a drain was slow, out came the heavy-duty industrial solvents and down the hatch. If the windows or mirrors were dirty out came the glass and mirror cleaner, which left surfaces with a greasy film and lots of streaks. Sure those cleaning products made everybody cough and rub their eyes, but they just about got the job done.

Today however, things are different in a great many facilities and homes. There has been a shift away from harsh, potentially dangerous cleaners and chemicals, and more and more facility managers are requiring their cleaning staff members to shelve the strong and dangerous stuff in favour of gentler, "greener" cleaning solutions. The reasons for this shift are multiple. These days people are more conscious-not just about what kinds of substances they expose their staff and families to, but of what they put into the environment.

More recent studies have confirmed the potential dangers of old school cleaning chemicals and products, and the demand for safer, more environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for everyday use has increased.

The shift towards green cleaning solutions has pushed manufactures to develop new products, ones that do the job just as well (if not better) than their traditional counterparts, but with far less potential for harm.

JSK Eco Cleaning Solutions are introducing a whole new concept in greener cleaning to the industry, and can help companies and families with training, to make the switch to using safer cleaning solutions, and achieving more effective cleaning results on all surfaces.

Consumers need to become more educated and realize that they can make a difference, to both their health and in terms of protecting the environment.

I manage a staff of over 100 to clean and maintain our many cleaning contracts throughout the west and east of Ireland to a very high level of cleanliness. I know how difficult it can be to convert to green cleaning solutions. Many of our staff were convinced that scent meant clean. When we heard about JSK Eco Cleaning Solutions and invited them into our staff training centre to demonstrate their products effectiveness, it was then that the process moved along and now we are 80% green and getting greener each month. We were extremely happy with the support and advice we received from JSK. They gave up their time and expertise, not only in our staff training centre, but also on site of some of our cleaning contracts. We found this most beneficial as we could see firsthand how safe and effective their range of cleaning solutions really are, all without a commitment from us to purchase their products. It turned out to be of mutual benefit, as we now value very highly our partnership with JSK as being our company of choice to provide us with what we consider to be the safest, effective, and most economic cleaning solutions we have ever been introduced to.